Automate your PC store

Build a script that will install a program, and just run it on as many PC's as you like


We have some pre-defined operations (example: copy file) but you can use the full power of the windows CMD.

Easy to use

Setting up a project is as simple as entering a name, and selecting actions. That's all.

Automate your workflow Build atomisation scrips that you can run on PC's that require the same work over and over again. See some examples below
Preparing employee PC's

Create a preparation project for employee PC's that will set certain policies, set your company background and install a few programs with a few clicks.

Computer Store

Bulk install a bunch of default programs for your customers (browser, Flash, PDF Reader, etc.) and set a custom background.

Bulk install

Install selection of programs by simply logging in and selecting the project, the rest will happen on it's own.